Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rule For Surviving a Horror Movie 56 - 100

Rules to Surviving a Horror Movie #56 - 100

Disclaimer: All you have to do is follow these easy rules and you’ll survive through any situation you find yourself in, but break even one of them and start writing your will.

Rule #56: Never smoke from a glass bong, odds are you’re gonna get impaled on it.

Rule #57: Always believe the “crazy girl” she’s gonna be the one that save your ass

Rule #58: Crawling through the heating/air vents… never a good idea

Rule #59: The power going out is never a good sign

Rule #60: If your friends go missing at all… it’s safe to assume that they’re dead

Rule #61: Never trust psychiatrists

Rule #62: Running into childhood friends only leads to trouble

Rule #63: Getting drunk is never a good idea, things never end up well

Rule 64: If someone has recently died in a house, cover up all the mirror… better safe than sorry

Rule #65: Living in a hotel all by yourself never turns out good

Rule #66: Animals never seem to survive so if you hear your dog whining, just stay away

Rule #67: Stay away from places that have creepy names like: Black Water Ridge, Kill Devil Hills, etc

Rule #68: Also stay away from Lakes that sound too calm like: Lake Placid, Crystal Lake etc.

Rule #69: If you’re having sex and hear a weird sound for goodness sakes don’t keep having sex

Rule #70: Also going along with #69, just don’t have sex in tents

Rule #71: If you hear a sound when you’re alone somewhere like the bathroom, locker room, etc, please resist the urge to ask “Is there anyone there” even if there is someone there, they’re not going to answer you.

Rule #72: If you arrive at an empty command post, campsite, etc that’s supposed to be populated, better off just to leave right away

Rule #73: Short cuts lead to untimely deaths… stick to main roads

Rule #74: Before going anywhere check the news on that area. If there are reports of lightning storm, cattle deaths, crop deaths, swarms of bug, etc… just don’t got there.

Rule #75: Camps are just bad news in general, better off staying away

Rule #76: Journals left behind by the dead are always good tools for finding out what’s wrong

Rule #77: Alerting the masses about killers on the loose and/or monsters attacking will do you more harm than good

Rule #78: Stay out of closets. Plain and simple they’re bad news.

Rule #79: Make sure you check under the bed before you go to sleep.

Rule #80: Don’t stay awake for long periods of time, in the end you’ll die faster.

Rule #81: Playing loud music at any time always leads to a faster death

Rule #82: Playing tricks on people always ends up in the death of the tricksters

Rule #83: Never blow out candles

Rule #84: Never go “try to fix the circuit breaker” odds are it won’t help and you going down to the basement alone is a bad idea.

Rule #85: ALWAYS respect the rules of Halloween and any other pagan holidays, disrespecting them will result in death

Rule #86: Bratty rich girls/boys always die

Rule #87: The douchebags always are the first to die

Rule #88: Just stay out of elevators all together… nothing good ever happens in them

Rule #89: Resist the urge to return to your hometown if something horrible happened their when you were a kid

Rule #90: “Facing your fears” usually end up with your friends/family dead, so resist the urge to revisit old wounds

Rule #91: The ones with the ridiculous phobias are the ones that know what’s going on, so believe them

Rule # 92: Never trust people who are dressed to good for where they are. I.e. a girl wearing formal wear walking down a dusty country road

Rule #93: If someone tells you to “stay there” just freaking listen to them

Rule #94: If you have a video camera make sure it’s always running

Rule #95: Where ever you are, make sure you know of two ways to get out at all times

Rule #96: If you’re at the back of the group make sure you’re always holding onto to the person in front of you

Rule #97: If you hear someone screaming, even if it sounds like pleasure screaming… it’s safe to assume they’re in trouble

Rule #98: If someone says a place is haunted, than it probably is

Rule #99: Flickering lights means something evil’s coming

Rule #100: Hanging out in Lighthouses never turns out good, so stay clear of them

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