Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, so currently I`m taking a break from my poems and short story writing to go on another rant. So last night I watched the ProBowl. Usually not a big fan since they`re not that exciting, but hey it`s football after all right?
So watching the NFC crushing the AFC in the first half and saw that the Redskins players were running train over the AFC offense. Two interceptions and a stripped ball for a fumble recovery and a touch down, all three by Redskins players, two by DeAngelo Hall. Pretty damn awesome!
Two things were going through my head while watching this. One, why the hell can`t the Redskins play like that during the regular season? Two I have NEVER heard announcers SO queit after plays like that! I mean there was just silence! Wtf? Is it that they announcers get paid not to talk about the Redskins?
Then it occurred to me. Two of those announcers come from the AFC. So what did they spend the game talking about? Well the AFC of course and their personal stories from playing/coaching.
Really? I mean no play by play of the game? No praise for the amazing players on the NFC team? I mean if the NFC threw THAT many interceptions (final count was 7 or more I think) they would be all over them. But no! Yeah Bradshaw through some comments about Manning throwing short, but that was it!
This just goes to show you what I`ve been saying for years. Announcers can`t be impartial. They can say all they want about how they`re objective and what now but when it comes to it they`re not.
Yes I get that the ProBowl is a different game then others, but still it`s getting ridiculous! For now on I`m seriously going to mute the TV when I watch football.

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