Friday, March 11, 2011

Stranger Things Have Happened

She sat there at the bar with her long tan legs crossed, her tall, black leather boots tapping the bar stool in rhythm to the music playing from the jute box on the other side of the room. Her skirt was short, perhaps too short to be sitting like that, or perhaps to short to even be worn. Her red shirt matched her red lipstick that made her sultry lips that more inviting. Her leather jacket was lying effortlessly across her fit torso, which her long auburn hair fell onto.

Everything about her seemed to be perfect, from her blue eyes to her slender, smooth legs, and she knew it. She sat there half smiling as she took sips from the cold bottle of Samuel Adams in her hand. The bartender wiped down the counter as several more of the regulars came in, looking at the unfamiliar young woman with intrigue.

Someone had been looking at her for quite awhile now, sitting at the other end near the jute box, feeding it quarters so that it played “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” repeatedly. He memorized every curve of her body, and even though he wasn’t used to women this sexy he felt empowered to act on his emotions.

And she noticed him watching her, which was one of the reasons that she was smiling. Finally she grabbed her beer up and jumped off her barstool and walked over to where the jute box was wrapping up the song for the fourth time. She sat down across from him not saying a word, just drinking her beer looking at the man with a smile, which he returned.

“That song a favorite of yours?” she finally asked, breaking the silence.

“I’m partial to any song where a man is faced with a moral dilemma,” he said smiling, but not moving at all.

“Really, moral dilemmas…” she said setting her drink down on the table, “Are you faced with any moral dilemmas around here Mr.…”
“Bartley… Rhett Bartley…” he said still looking right at her, “And no… not very many moral dilemmas in Madsen… not much of anything…”

“I beg to differ… it has you doesn’t it…”

“Yeah, sure…” he said crossing his arms over his white T-Shirt, “What’s your name by the way?”

“Kate,” she said crossing her legs and running her boot up and down the inside of his leg.

“Just Kate?” he asked, getting that look on his face that every man gets when I sexy young woman is turning him on.

“Well I could tell you my last name…” she said leaning close to him, “But I like to leave an air of mystery about me.”

She then got up and put a quarter in the jute box, and selected “You Shook Me All Night Long” out of the selection. Rhett raised an eyebrow as she ran her fingers through her hair and then put her hands on his shoulders. She kissed his ear as he closed his eyes and she nibbled on it.

“So… this song a favorite of yours?” he asked breathing out slowly and opening his eyes.

“Well I’m partial to any song where a woman can do such damage as to shake the world, with her… talents,” she whispered into his ear, then laughed.

“I think it’s my new favorite song,” he said as she swung herself around and sat on his lap.

She kissed him on the lips, then took his hand in her hand and brought it down to her thigh. She spread his fingers out of the inside of her thigh and slid it up her skirt. She slid his hand under her panties and towards her crotch. He had the same look on his face, and she bit down on her lip. Then as soon as it started she pulled his hand away, and the color returned his face.

“That was just a preview…” she said standing up as if nothing had ever happened, “If you want me to shake you all night long, come to the Longview motel, room 113.”

Kate then walked away pulling a five out of her bra and placing it on the bar, as the bartender nodded. Rhett watched her lustfully as she walked out the door of the bar, and he wasn’t the only one who was looking at her.

There was a knock on Kate’s motel room door and she walked over, smiling, and opened the door. Rhett was there, smiling, but his face changed as he saw her standing there in a revealing nightgown. She smiled and gestured at him to come in, and closed the door as he walked in. She then sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I have to be honest with you Kate… I don’t usually do this…” he said as he took off his jacket and hung it on the rack near the T.V.

“Rhett…” she said kneeling up on the bed, “Are you a Virgin?”

“What… no,” he laughed, “I mean I don’t usually sleep with girls that I met an hour ago.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” she said, patting the space on the bed next to her.

He sat down next to her on the bed and she ran her hand up the seam of his pants. He smiled and put her head in his hands and kissed her passionately on the lips. His other hand then went around her waist gently and sensually. She stopped for a second taken back at the way he was touching her. She was so used to guys pawing at her; it was refreshing for a guy to want passionate sex, over the raunchy sex.

“So do you do this often?” he asked still holding her head in his hands, rubbing her hair gently, “Picking up random guys in random bars in the middle of no where.”

“Why Rhett are you implying that I’m some sort of slut?” she asked in mock hurt.

“No…” he said looking away from her.

“It’s fine,” she said laughing, “I’ve been called worse, and so what if I am? I mean everyone has their flaws you know.”

“Yeah I guess,” he said laughing nervously; something about what she last said made him feel uneasy.

“So Rhett what is your flaw?” she asked running her finger down his shoulder.

“Um…” he said rubbing the back of his head, “I don’t know I have a bunch.”

“Name one,” she said taking off his shirt, “Just for me?”

“Fine…” he said as she kissed his neck, “Well I guess the one flaw that I have is that I smoke…”

“And that’s a flaw…” she said slowly, “Well then I guess I have two flaws, but I wasn’t counting that before.”

“So you smoke too?” he asked running his fingers through her hair again.

“Well I smoke because… well I just do, it’s not like I smoke all the time, but it’s kind of a release you know?” she asked, “There are a lot of things that I do to… release.”

“So yeah I guess that’s one of my flaws… depending on how you look at it I suppose…”

“Well let me get you acquainted with my flaw…” she said undoing his pants and kissing his stomach.

He leaned back as she pulled down his pants and then sat up on his pelvis. She started to kiss his neck again and he moved his hands under her nightgown, and around her waist.

“You know Rhett you have one other flaw that you might not realize,” she said laughing, and reaching over to the bedside table.

“Yeah what’s that?”

“You trust people to much.”

She then pulled out of knife out of the bedside table and in one move slit his throat. He grabbed it a blood poured everywhere, and he started to gag. His eyes were wide as she just sat there and watched him die.

“So maybe I lied, I have a few more flaws than just being a slut,” she said to his now dead body, “I also happen to be a killer… sorry I failed to mention that,” she said running her finger down his neck, getting blood on her finger than licking it.