Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updates on Jeopardy and Museum

First off I’d like to say these past two days have been the most exciting that I’ve had in a long time (and not just because I’ve eaten panera twice in the past 20 hours). Started off with me getting the 5th season of Angel on DVD which to you lot might not seem all that exciting but I’ve been looking for it FOREVER and it completes my collection. It also happens to be the season with both Spike and Lindsey in it which are my two favorite characters from the Buffy/Angel universe, but I digress…

So secondly last night went to panera for dinner and then took the jeopardy qualifying test. Basically it’s 50 questions from all different categories and you get 15 seconds to answer each question. I think I probably got about 80% of them correct, so now I just have to wait to see if they call me to come in and do a mock jeopardy game. From there if I win that then I get flown out to LA where I will take yet another test and then if I pass that I will be on Jeopardy. So cross your fingers!

Thirdly, today I had my meeting with the director of the Laurel History Museum about me starting to volunteer there. First off I walk into this house (where the museum is) that was built in the 19th century and it was completely awesome. Then I’m greeted by the two cutest little old ladies (I love old people!) who then show me upstairs to where the director’s office is. This is where I found out that I shouldn’t have worn heels. So in those days they built stairs out of wood. Wood gets warped over the years and a spiral staircase made out of wood while walking in heels = me almost falling on my face three times during the course of this meeting.

Then I get up to the upstairs and immediately see rows of filing cabinets, a bookshelf filled with history books and the smell of acid free paper in the air. That was when I knew this was my new home. Sat down with the director and she had me fill out paperwork and tell her about myself. She was very impressed with the work I’ve done with other museums, the archaeology lab and even my work in classes (to learn more visit my other blog Bones, Buried Treasure and Beliefs at She then went on to say that usually people start out as docents (tour guides) for the museum and then branch off into other things. But she said she’d love to have me working with the collections since I know the software and I’ve worked with collections before. So I was so thrilled!! She went on to tell me about the other programs that they do at the museum and their new exhibit about horse racing in Laurel, MD.

We took a tour of the building (which only has four floors, two of which are offices and the collection rooms) and she showed me the new exhibits, the children’s area, the offices and the collection rooms. While we were doing the tour a reporter from the Laurel Gazette came into the museum and asked if it was okay if he asked a few questions and took some pictures about the new exhibit that he was going a piece on. So who got in the pictures? Me of course! So if any of you get the Laurel Gazette or want to get it you’ll see my lovely face in it!

So if all goes well with my background check (which my brother laughed at and said that I shouldn’t have murdered that guy back in the day and I wouldn’t get the job… hahaha Alex you’re soooo funny! *insert sarcastic voice*) I will start working on Tuesday afternoons with the collections! I’m so excited! I know it’s not paid but it’ll be doing what I love and it’s great experience and great to be doing something in my field.

So that’s where I’m at with my life right now, volunteering, writing, working on getting my book published and of course blogging to all you lovely people that read my blogs! Now that I have some higher purpose in life right now I can worry less about jobs turning me down (got another “your qualified but we found someone more qualified” email yesterday… boo) and stay more optimistic. Just gotta keep pressing forward, keep applying to more jobs and realize that making money isn’t the most important thing in life. At the museum I will be doing what I love and be working with great people and that’s all the matters to me. J

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