Wednesday, December 8, 2010

These are the Things I Think about in Class

So this morning while I was getting ready for class I watched my normal shows, Sabrina the Teenage Witch at 8:30am and then Yes Dear at 9am. The episode of Yes Dear was one where Jimmy had a list of things that he wanted to do before he died. One of the things was write a song. He then wrote a song about the things that he did at work which the lyrics can be found at this site:

So while I was in class I got to thinking, what do I think about when I'm in class or at work? So I've compiled this list of things that I was thinking about this morning sitting in Museum Studies Class:

1. Sabrina this morning was about Christmas and wondered why as a child I didn't believe in Santa for very long, yet I believed in monsters, ghost, demons, faeries and the like.

2. Who came up with the structure of the boundaries of the different Continents? If it were me I'd totally make the countries look like different animals. Iraq would be a bunny, Pakistan a duck, Iran a koala and so forth. I mean come on, would you invade a country that was shaped like a bunny? I think not.

3. I am way too obsessed with Darren Criss...

4. "It's gonna be totally awesome" (and other random lyrics from A Very Potter Musical)

5. Why is it that when I dress warmly this class room is sweltering? And when I don't it frozen?

6. OMG that beeping outside needs to stop

7. I need to stop watching the History Channel

8. New job goal: become a bounty hunter for antiquities that have been acquired illegally.

9. Seriously! What's with the beeping?

10. I really wish I had a job lined up

11. Holy Crap I'm graduating in a 9 days!!!

12. Wow... more Darren Criss thoughts huh?

13. I'm hungry...

14. Wish my jaw wasn't stupid and I could eat things other than soup...

15. Mmmmmm soup :)

16. I have come to the realization that I'm just not funny, I can write comedy but when I say things they're just stupid

17. And stats all folks (gee Nick thanks for getting that stupid pun in my head)

So now you all know what goes on in that head of mine when I'm attempting to pay attention in class. Now I was thinking about making that into a Song, but getting all of that to rhyme and go together would be very difficult.