Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Help on Teaser

Ok people I need your help!! I'm writing a Query Letter to Editors and I need help picking a teaser for my letter. Please Choose the one you like the most!!

Description of Bloody Wall: Chapter 4, page 6

Rylie was staring at the wall next to the bed. It was plain, with the same color as the rest of the room, no pictures, no marks. She turned away for a minute to look again at the bed and when she looked back at the wall she stifled a scream. It was not plain anymore; instead there was a massive splatter of red which she knew right off was blood. Inside the blood was another substance, white, which looked horribly like human flesh. She stared at it as Andy and Josh rushed to her side. They watched her as she stared at the wall, with horror in her eyes. They saw nothing. She tried to shut her eyes, to not see it anymore, to turn away, but she couldn’t. The bloodstain seemed to grow bigger, seemingly taking over the whole wall. She stepped back, that much she could do. Andy and Josh looked at her in horror, trying to see what she was seeing. Then Josh seized her by the shoulders and shook her.

Shower Scene: Chapter 9, page 1

Her head hit the tiled wall and as she slid down, a bloody trail followed from the wound that was already in her head. She lay there, sprawled out in the still rising bloody water, breathing like she had just run a marathon. Her head hurt badly and she could feel warm blood casually dripping onto her neck. She tried to grip onto the edge of the tub to hoist her up but it was too slippery. The shadowy figure darted past again, this time to the right. The water still cascaded down onto her from the showerhead, making it hard for her to both breathe and see. As she tried to stand up yet again she was violently pushed down by the same invisible force. Nausea came over her as she tried to move any part of her body, but she couldn’t. Edward was the one behind the curtain, he was the one holding her down, and he was the one that had her just where he wanted her.

Description of Pascal House: Chapter 4, page 1

The six of them stood outside the Pascal house, each of them having second thoughts about going into it. The house loomed over them, and it had haunted house written all over. The windows were boarded up, and almost all the shudders had fallen off. The barn behind it was also run down, its paint chipping so it was more of a brown than red. Behind the barn, lay the woods, the same woods that ran behind Rylie’s house. A mist clung in the woods, creating ghost-like figures that seemed to dance about the trees. Though it seemed that the trees themselves were ghosts, the way they swayed in the now cooler breeze. The whole scene was an eerie sight to anyone who saw.

Digging up the Graves: Chapter 8, page 1

She once again took a deep breath then in one quick motion drove the shovel into the ground. She paused for a second as nothing happened. Then all of the sudden there was a great wind that blew her hair to the side of her head. She knew she had opened the can of worms and couldn’t stop so she lifted the dirt out of the grave and threw it to the side. The wind continued to blow and she drove her shovel into the dirt again. She continued to quickly shovel the dirt out of the grave. Then all of the sudden she felt this great force attempt to knock her over but somehow she maintained her balance. Josh and Andy on the other hand were hurled backwards. Rylie tried to look back, but the wind was too strong to see anything. She couldn’t see Josh or Andy and she got frightened. She felt herself being turned around and continued to dig.

Riding in the Truck: Chapter 10, page 1

Rylie nodded, as they turned off the dirt road and onto the main road that lead to the town. Rylie sighed deeply and rested her head on her hand, thinking to herself if she was really prepared to face Edward and Judith head on, if she could suppress her fear enough to do it. Her head pounded from all the stress that she had gone through the past days, all the fear that had overtaken her. She was afraid that after this was all over, she couldn’t go back to lead a normal life. That with all this newfound knowledge of the spiritual realm, that she had always known was there, she would always be fearful of it.

Death of Matt: Chapter 11, page 4

Blood was now on her hands as she doubled over Matt and cried for her brother. Then all of the sudden Matt’s body started to twitch. She saw this, stopped crying and sat up. She stared at Matt’s body as it started to convulse. She didn’t know what to do; she didn’t know if this was her brother or if it was Edward trying to get out. Her question was answered though when Matt’s eyes opened suddenly and he sat up. That same sneer from earlier curled his lips and she knew that it was still Edward.

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