Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It`s Finally Here! Jeopardy Test :)

So tonight is the big night! At 8pm ET thousands of people will sign onto Jeopardy`s website to take the online test and I will be one of them! Now first of all I have to say why would Jeopardy schedule it for 8pm when they KNOW Glee is on? Sigh... guess cause one`s ABC and one`s FOX, but that`s all besides the point.
To prepare for this test I have been watching Jeopardy almost everyday as well as some other game shows so I can get a better knowledge base. Short of leafing through the encyclopedia there`s really nothing else I can do to "study."
So tonight I will hone my skills and knowledge that I have rammed up inthis head of mine and try my best! Can`t wait to see how I measure up! I will post after the test to let you all know how I think I did and my thoughts on the test itself. Wish me luck as well as luck to all the others who are trying it out!

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