Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hide behind the lies, the deceit, the facade of something real

Hide from all the pain, all the hurt and aching that you feel

Hide behind the fantasy, the other world, other realm and place

Hide from all the anger that creeps into your every space

Run from the feelings those things with which you can’t deal

Run to all the things that you’ve made up, none of it real

Run from that hole that is now inside your chest

Run to all the things that will never complain, yell or protest

Live away from those people that really do care

Live in that world that you’ve created to always be there

Live away from the horrors and tragedies that grip your life

Live in that place where you control who and what can cause your strife

Die without the people who held your hand along the way

Die in that place that knows nothing of what you feel today

Die without your family and friends by your side

Die in that place that forever houses your pride

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