Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 Leaf Loser

Okay so first off don’t try to look into any meaning behind the title to this post, it’s a song that I really like the lyrics to and I saw it popped on randomly as I sat down to write this post. So now that we got past that red tape we can go on to what this post is really about: the “F” word. Okay get your minds back on track here, I’m talking about FRIENDS. This is a word that can instill confidents, happiness or fear, trepidation or even dread, anger. Basically there’s all this emotion behind it.

Sorry, back to the point of the word friends. What is a friend? Is it simply people that you hang out with, go to class with, maybe live with and help out? My answer: No. Friends are so much more. Friends are the ones who stick by you through all your problems, your outbursts, your craziness, your identity crisis and your need to explore who you really are and find yourself. Friends do not judge you, do not care what you wear, how much money you have or what you look like. Friends will sometimes make you angry and upset but a true friend will always apologize and make things right. Friends do not make you feel insecure, two feet tall and like you want to rip someone’s head off. Friends do not leave you for the “cooler” people when you decide to change your direction and interests in life. Friends do not tread on you and put you down.

Throughout my life I’ve constantly called people my “friends” but lately I’ve been seeing that that word is thrown around a lot. Sure I have my friends who do all the great things that I listed above, and then I have the people that I talk to on occasion in classes or at work and then you I have the acquaintances who I talk to a lot but still aren’t on the level of being my “friend.” I can tell who my true and long term friends are when they make the effort to keep in touch with me and actually care about what I say and don’t judge me for what I say even if it’s stupid or ludicrous. Recently I’ve been in touch with people who I literally haven’t talked to in years who have found me on facebook, or have called me up to listen to my entire life story pretty much. That makes me feel good inside.

On the flipside of that, I have friends who now that I have graduated and left college are trying to say they miss me and all, but it’s all formalities. These are the people in my life that don’t’ need to be in my life. Also I have the people who have acted like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, some of whom I’ve known practically half my life. See when you grow up it’s easy to start seeing who are you true friends. For example when someone you’ve known your whole life and yet haven’t said two words to them in years but yet a person you’re known a little over a year texts you every day and actually cares what you’re doing and puts up with your craziness (and yes you know who you are J). That’s a true friend.

So what to take away from my wisdom? Be careful who you call your “friends” cause you may end up like me, writing horror stories about people named “Jackson” getting torn apart by a homicidal, cannibalistic, demon monsters. J

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