Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Would you Rather...

So, since today I'm alone in the office I'm listening to my home radio station DC 101, (online obviously) and they are talking about this woman in Cambodia. The woman was living in the jungle for 18 years and when she returned hated it back at home. Then she went missing again. Then they found her 11 days later in a dugout toilet, where she was chest deep in waste. This whole story has now sparked the most ridiculous of the "would you rather" game. Would you rather spend two days in the Cambodian Jungle, or spend two days in a dugout toilet? This conversation has been going on since 9 o'clock and is entertaining me immensley. It's good there's no one else really here cause I'm laughing my head off at the rationalization of the answers. The general census: most would rather stick it out in the jungle then chest deep in fecal matter. Their answer is what mien would be. I'd much rather risk my life in the jungle then be in the dug out toilet. So all you people out there, what would you rather do?

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