Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil...

So after a long conversation that I just had with my friend (over fb chat) about the BP hearing that are going on, on Capital Hill it inspired me to write about how I feel about the situation. So Tony Hayward is now practically on trial for this mess, Fox News and others like it call it a "public flogging" and that's pretty much what it is. As my friend put very well Hayward's face during this hearing looks like he's "staring at a guillotine." Now the thing is I don't really have much sympathy for the guy. His company made a HUGE mistake and he deserves to fess up and admit that it was a HUGE mistake, and he should be made to answer the questions that Congress has for him. The problem with this is, what is this doing to fix the actual PROBLEM? Nothing, nothing will come from teh Representatives spitting out their feelings, and pushing the guilt envelope for Hayward. He knows he screwed up, he knows that he's in hot water (well more like lava) and all this is doing is pointing it out to everyone. Sure it's great that we're gonna get our questions answered, but what about the biggest question of all: When is this whole mess gonna go away? And this hearing isn't doing much to help this question. And the front runner to all of this, none other than our fearful, I mean fearless, leader of these hear United States. Shouldn't the Obama administration be the fire that's lighting the hot water that Hayward is in? Where were they when this first went down? They're supposed to be the top officials in the country and surely they know what they are doing right? Well then why is this problem still a PROBLEM? Why is it taking this long? If you ask me I feel that OBAMA should be the one that's on the cutting board, he's the one who should be facing the guillotine.

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