Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok, so since it's memorial day weekend I thought that the rant for the day should be something to do with celebrating the veterans, you know something that really shows how patriotic I really am. Then yesterday I saw this article on the Fox News website (above). A man in Wisconsin, a decorated war veteran to be exact is not allowed to hang a flag in the window of his apartment because it is against the complex rules and might "offend" someone. Ok, first wtf? You're in AMERICA people, if the AMERICAN FLAG offends you, then leave!! What has this country come too that we're not allowed to hang our own country's flag in our own homes? Now the apartment complex's HOA has let him put it up for Memorial day, but then after that he has to take it down. I'm sorry, this is just plain stupid why is it okay then for him to have it up for the holiday but not for the whole time. I remember right after 9/11 American Flags were everywhere! You couldn't go two feet without seeing atleast two flags around. It was great to see that, that people were genuinley proud of our country and showing it. Now adays it's almost frowned upon to be patriot, because we don't want to "offend" anyone. It was just like those kids in California that got sent home for American Flag shirts because it was supposedly offending the hispanic population at the school. Once again, if you are offended by the AMERICAN Flag, get the hell out of AMERICA! So my family is from Norway, and Norway being a socialist country, maybe you would expect something like that from them, but no! Norweigian flags are flying everywhere! they would never dare stifle nationalism! Same with every other country, their flags are flying high! So why are we that country that is stifling our own nationalism? And at the same we are promoting nationalism for other countries. Now being a proud Norwegian I have my Norwegian flags in my house, but I also have all my American flags too, because I live in AMERICA! Something has to be done about this, before it escalates farther than just fighting it out with the HOAs. So my thoughts, bombard Capital Hill with letters and emails about this issue! So go on, do it!!

God Bless America! Happy Memorial Day to all the Veterans and to the Troops that are out there fighting for OUR country. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you <3.

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