Thursday, May 27, 2010

So here's my rant for the day: So this image is of the Boca Raton harbor down in Boca, FL. And this is the closest I'm gonna get to going to the beach this summer. You might have heard me complaining for the last week (or maybe month, lol) about how I miss the beach, but it almost hurts now. See right now I'm in the great state of PA. The great state that is landlocked. Now I love Penn State, love State College... hate PA. I'm a MD girl through and through. And I'm a beach girl through and through. But spending my summer working on campus up here in State College is making it increasingly hard for me to go to the beach. So to survive the summer I will first stare at this picture (and others like it) and lay out by the pool and the sand v-ball court in my complex and pretend I'm at the beach. :)

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